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One Stop Painting & renovating Trucks


Hello there! I'm Jeff Cohen, the founder of One Stop Painting & Renovating. I began this business in 1986 and have been running it ever since. I enjoy engaging with people, listening to their stories, and gaining insights from their experiences. And if you're interested, I'd love to share the story of how One Stop Painting & Renovating came to be!

Throughout high school, I worked full-time in restaurants: Mayflower Seafood, 1620, The Outside Inn, The Charlie Horse, and Tassy's as my final job. This was my career throughout school and for a few years after, until one day, Tassy's was sold, and for the 1st time in my life, I was left without a job. Had you asked me then, I would have told you that I would stay cooking forever because I loved the atmosphere, and the work ethic I had gained while working at 1620, in particular, would prove to be priceless, in retrospect! I have carried these ethics into all aspects of my life. As an example, the owner of 1620 established a set of regulations known as the "mop room rules" and posted them on the door. The first rule was "clutter is our enemy," while the second rule stated that "a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen." Although we initially joked about them, these phrases have stayed with me throughout my life, and I use them regularly. Whenever my daughter Chelsey is asked what constitutes a clean room, she responds with "a happy room." She has since started a family with her husband, and I am pleased to report that her home is immaculate! As a child, however, her room was not always happy! 

After finishing high school, I faced an unexpected challenge. The restaurant where I worked, Tassy's in Kingston, was sold. I eventually found work as a painter for a man we affectionately called "Moose," I found the result quite enjoyable. My family never had much talent for manual labor, and I still remember crying on my 7th birthday when my dad couldn't put together my pinball machine gift. Looking back, I regret having been upset that day. However, I discovered that I have a knack for working with my hands and approached painting with the same energy and enthusiasm as I did in the restaurant business.
I started in the kitchen by washing dishes and eventually worked my way up to being a sous chef/chef. I enjoyed the pressure and took on responsibilities such as ordering supplies, managing inventory, setting schedules, and creating specials. Working for Moose inspired me to start my own company, but being the first in my family to do so meant I had to rely on my ideas and resources. I needed savings, credit, or family business to inherit. However, I purchased a truck for $100 from a friend who had just bought a new one, borrowed some ladders to paint my first house, and placed an ad in the local newspaper. Through referrals and word of mouth, I landed a few jobs and used the earnings to purchase my own set of ladders. This was just the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, and I haven't looked back since.

In the next chapter of my life, I spent many years working alone during nights and weekends, doing whatever it took to succeed. My desire to excel pushed me to broaden my expertise in product knowledge and applications, which helped me develop my marketing, management, and interpersonal skills. As time passed, I realized that I genuinely enjoyed my work and that this was my calling. There was another significant happening during that time. I had started employing painters and was fortunate to have hired some excellent and highly skilled individuals. A few were already proficient in painting; some required my guidance, while others taught me valuable lessons. We all evolved and developed together over time. Some stayed, some left, and a few even returned, but the essential members formed the foundation of my first team leader.

We learned, grew, and adapted our skills, continuously improving. Eventually, I put down my brush and committed to using the pen and keypad full-time. Wasn't the beeper introduced only yesterday? And I was thrilled to receive messages. I would rush to my truck and drive to a pay phone! It's funny how quickly things change. Embracing change is vital as we strive to stay ahead of it.

In 1986, I had a small dream that had become a significant part of my life. My goal was to establish a reputation for honesty, integrity, and good-quality work in the community. I aspired to set an example for my peers and be a role model for others, just like the experienced painters I looked up to when I was starting. Over time, I created a logo, a fleet of trucks, and a reputation for delivering quality and honesty. I also built a network of excellent painters and friends who have been a source of support. I employ about 40 full-time painters year-round, providing them with a safe working environment, the best tools and products, health insurance, and retirement packages. Our management team enjoys paid vacations and holidays as well.

Our organization, through the Jeff Cohen Charitable Foundation, is well-known for its philanthropic efforts in the surrounding communities. We have gained a reputation for being model corporate citizens. I have built strong relationships with customers and friends throughout my time here. I take pride in the personal growth I've experienced while working for this company, developing qualities such as responsibility, honor, accountability, and reliability. I have a wonderful daughter named Chelsey, who has given me the joy of being a grandparent to my first grandson in 2016. Additionally, I am a proud owner of a rescued Chuggle (chihuahua puggle), Lola. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company and my journey. We have been in business since 1986 and have achieved significant milestones during that time. I am grateful to our exceptional team, particularly Cherrie, our office manager, who has been with us for 24 years. Our reputation in the community is strong, and we have had the privilege of working with renowned athletes and even members of my favorite band, Aerosmith. We have painted various projects, from hospitals and schools to train cars and charming homes on the South Shore. Our relationships with clients are meaningful, and we often return to their homes for new projects or to work for their children. We are grateful to those who have referred us over the years, and we hope you will consider us for your next project. Thank you for your time and interest.

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