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As someone who runs a small business, I have a helpful tip to share. Having a supportive and friendly work environment for your employees is essential. Treating them like family can have a significant impact on the success of your business. When individuals feel welcomed and appreciated, they work harder, showcase more creativity, and remain loyal to the company. Additionally, work becomes more manageable when everyone gets along and communicates effectively. Therefore, fostering a family-like environment at work can lead to a more substantial business and happier employees - a win-win situation for all. - Jeff Cohen

One Stop Painting & Renovating. Picture of Owner Jeff Cohen and his daughter Chelsey Cohen

In 1986, Jeff Cohen founded One Stop Painting & Renovating as a solo venture. However, he soon realized that success cannot be achieved alone.

"Success requires dedicated individuals and a collaborative team effort. As a result, we have grown and evolved into a close-knit family over the years. I firmly believe that happy and passionate employee takes pride in their work, which ultimately reflects in their performance. Adhering to this principle has enabled the One Stop family to achieve professional and personal milestones.

Our painting company offers employees a comprehensive healthcare plan with a full HMO from Tufts and a dental program through Principal Life Group with company contributions. We prioritize the well-being of our employees. Our management team also receives vacation packages and paid holidays, and we have an excellent retirement plan with a reputable company.

I believe I was born in the wrong era. In the 50s and 60s, companies hosted huge picnics and outings. Nowadays, we try to replicate that same sense of community by organizing various family-themed fun days. It's always a treat planning exciting events for my company, such as whale watching, deep sea fishing trips, Red Sox Baseball outings, Family Fun Days, cookouts, and more! These events bring everyone together and provide a chance to relax and have fun while promoting teamwork on and off the job. It's my way of showing appreciation for all my colleagues' hard work throughout the year. And every holiday season, we organize a holiday party for our 50+ employees. In 2023, we held the party at Pinz Bowling Alley, which included fun activities like bowling, axe throwing, arcade games, delicious food, and a Secret Santa gift exchange. Our company may be small, but we have big ambitions. We stand out from other companies due to our unique approach. We take great pride in the high-quality work we produce and are thrilled to give back generously to the community.  At One Stop, teamwork is at the heart of everything we do."-Jeff Cohen

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