Before we discuss the phenomenal gutter cleaning or repair service we offer here at One Stop, or even that we can install new gutters and/or make recommendations to improve your existing systems, lets understand why we clean the gutters, and why it is an important “PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE” that should be done yearly, or bi-yearly in some instances.

FIRST AND FOREMOST; moisture is the root cause of a home’s most destructive and persistent problems, including mold, pests, wood decay, and paint coating failure.

As part of your home’s drainage system, gutters channel roof runoff that would otherwise fall on people as they enter the house, erode the dirt near the foundation, trickle down to permeate the exterior walls, cause premature paint coating failure, and turns to ice in colder weather creating potential hazard’s to your entry areas. WE RECOMMEND AT LEAST TWO ANNUAL GUTTER CLEANINGS; once gutters become clogged and ineffective, they will potentially increase the chance of the following problems:

  • ICE DAMS! I’m listing this as the first item of concern, as most everybody has either had an ice dam, or know of someone that has suffered from ice dams. Ice dams occur when your gutters backup in the winter, forcing the water underneath the roof shingles and directly into your home. This can happen slowly you may not even notice it until you have major interior attic damage, internal wall damage, or mold and mildew concerns. Other times you may have water dripping or running from your ceilings causing rapid exposure and damage throughout your home. Plaster ceilings and walls, hardwood flooring, expensive kitchen cabinetry, elaborate floor tiling…. nothing is safe from the water. Additional concerns are your homes electrical sources, your ceiling fixtures, possibly even expensive furniture and even artwork. The water does not discriminate. Once it enters the home it will damage all that it touches. Luckily this is another facet of our business, water damage repairs!
  • Damage to both exterior as well as interior! Clogged gutters can damage your home’s exterior in a variety of ways. Excess water can seep into the soffit, fascia, or wooden framing and cause premature wood rot. Water may also flow back up onto the roof and under the shingles, penetrating the layers below and seeping into the home through the ceilings and walls, and if this occurs in the winter, it can create the DREADED ICE DAM, thus wreaking havoc on your home’s interior! Water stains, damaged sheetrock and wall paper, wood work, and flooring, anything in its path will soon succumb to its course through your home (see 1st paragraph, this can be a very costly result from the lack of gutter cleaning).
  • Termites, mosquitoes, and other pests! Because termites need water to thrive, gutters that deposit excess water near the house lure the insects and encourage termite infestation. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water and are therefore attracted to the pools that collect in clogged gutters. In fact, the water in clogged gutters can also invite and sustain a variety of other pests that would like to nest in your attic, including birds, squirrels, and mice.
  • Compromised driveways, patios, and walkways! Increased amount of water coming from the lack of gutters, water will flow into the ground surrounding your home. It can erode the dirt directly beneath driveways, patios, and walkways. As the dirt is washed away, the structure—whether made of concrete, asphalt, or paver stones, it is no longer fully supported and can settle, crack, or even collapse. If you have already experienced this type of damage, be sure to fix any gutter or downspout problems before replacing or repairing the driveway, patio, or walkways.
  • Basement water /increased moisture damage. Clogged gutters can dump gallons of water directly onto the ground next to the foundation of a house. The excessive water will often leak through the foundation wall and then create water problems in the basement, damaging contents and creating situations that can be especially dangerous depending on where your electrical junction box is located. Over time, this type of damage can compromise the structural soundness of the house and cause mold or mildew to flourish.
  • Cracking or failing foundations! Loose fill dirt underneath a home’s foundation settles over time. When one section settles more quickly than another section, the added stress put on the foundation causes cracks. Excess water dumped next to the foundation by faulty gutters will exacerbate this issue by shifting the position and density of the soil. Once the foundation starts to settle and crack, the reverberations can travel throughout your entire home, causing various stress cracks and separation throughout your home or building.
  • Plant Growth! As odd or funny as this may sound, if you do not check and clean your gutters periodically, in addition to becoming clogged, you will develop plant life in your gutters, which will cause rapid clogging due to the root structure. Acorns turn into oak trees, if you do not notice this for a period of time, oak trees will grow rapidly and gutters are not designed to support small trees.

So now that we know a bit more about what can happen when we do not clean our gutters both properly and periodically, and your envisioning massive flooding and ice damns as you’re reading this, let me relieve any nervous concern you may have! We at One Stop Painting understand the importance of keeping your gutters clean, and that is why we offer it is one of are many services. We realize the importance of all of the issues listed above, and most importantly we are the ones who you will call in the event of premature paint failure or wood rot. Educated customers will understand the importance of gutter cleaning. I encourage you to join our list of hundreds of happy gutter cleaning customers throughout the area. Our customers rely on us to not only clean their gutters, but to evaluate the whole and in warm down any potential concerns. A good painting company will be proactive to assure your home and the coating is successful for many years.

At One Stop Painting, we take great pride in the fact that we can clean your gutters. We can repair your existing gutter system if damaged. We can make recommendations if we feel your current gutter system is not adequate to safely channel the water away from your home. We can even install complete new gutter systems on your entire home if needed. Please call today for a free estimate for cleaning, maintaining, repairing, or even installing gutters on your property!

Cluttered gutters can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business

Cluttered gutters can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business

Ice build up leads to extensive water damage

When ice builds up on roofs and gutters, it creates an "ice dam" that traps melting water, leading to extensive water damage

Ice dams can lead to roof and wall damage

Ice dams can lead to roof and wall damage

Plant growth can block gutters and damage roofs

Plant growth can block gutters and damage roofs