Top 10 Reasons to Hire One Stop Painting

One Stop Painting, located in America’s Hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts, was founded in 1986 by owner Jeff Cohen. Since then, Jeff and his staff have built a solid reputation based on honesty, ethics, trust, knowledge and providing the highest quality painting service to our local communities; while providing a safe workplace for our trusted, valued, and insured employees.

We strive to stay educated on our products and applications. Through the years we have received numerous awards including Business of the Year by the Plymouth area Chamber of Commerce, and Best Painters through many local publications year after year. One Stop Painting has been recognized by the Senate, Congress, and The House of Representatives for our community service and local charitable efforts. Our clients consist of first time homeowners, builders, general contractors, professional athletes, schools, libraries and more! We will always provide top quality workmanship no matter where you fall in this spectrum your project is of the utmost importance to us. We’ve been honored to provide service to notable locations such as the The Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port and the Massachusetts State House.


Top 10 Reasons to Hire One Stop Painting & Renovating, Inc!



With 33 years of experience we have all of the ANSWERS to any question you may have. We will take the time to explain the “hows” & “whys” of what we’re doing! You will never feel alone, or “out of the loop” throughout your home improvement process!


One Stop Painting is always on time, and we are very thorough with every project we take on! We are able to fulfil whatever service it is we promised. A detailed contract with One Stop lays out the basics of your project, and exactly what it is we will complete for you.


One Stop is fully licensed and insured with liability to protect your home, and with workers compensation to protect our employees. Some of which have been with us for 20+ years! We also do not subcontract our labor.


One Stop Painting has been in business for 33 years now, and we don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. You can rely on us to see through your entire project until its completion!

5.Free Estimates:

One Stop will always provide you with a free estimate, on both Residential and Commercial projects! No matter how many home improvement projects you have for us to look at, every estimate is guaranteed to be free!


One Stop Painting & Renovating always keeps a clean work space! Any and all personal items such as furniture, are covered with plastic to ensure that they are kept clean. Also, a daily clean-up allows you to live comfortably in your home while we are working!


We are painting professionals! Painting is what One Stop does all day, everyday, and we do it quite well. We strive to give our all to every one of our customers. In fact, we have won awards from the Chamber of Commerce, the BBB, the Massachusetts State Senate, Congress, and The House of Representatives based upon our high quality & service as well as our local charitable efforts.


One Stop Painting has a reputation for having the nicest people work for us! We’re proud to say that all of our employees are the nicest around! They’re honest, hard working people that you will love having paint your home. Everyone is local and many of our employees have been with us for 20+ years!


One Stop is prepared for all home improvement situations! We have both master painters and carpenters on staff for home repairs, gutter repairs, rotted wood, smoke & water damage, etc. They’re here for WHATEVER is needed to simplify the project, and assure the highest quality in a timely manner!


One Stop Painting knows that there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find the old paint can that was used to paint your powder room eight years ago! So, One Stop makes it easy! Once you provide us with your color selections and finishes we keep those selections on file. We can also place a sticker with your paint selections on your fuse box so you don’t forget!

Thank you for considering One Stop Painting for both your large and small upcoming projects. Our focus on Trust, Reliability, and Honesty has made us South Shore’s Premier Award Winning company for both Quality & Service, the past 33 years...AND THAT’S A LONG TIME!!!


How Do I Find the Right Interior Wall Color for My Home?


Finding that perfect wall color for your interior walls can become a very overwhelming job. For some, it has proven to be almost impossible! Especially if you have multiple household members, parents, neighbors, co-workers, or that friend who took a month of design school 10 years ago all voicing their opinions! Most of us have existing furniture, flooring, and lighting to take into account. Unless of course you are lucky enough to be working on new construction, but even then it can be hard!  So, before you begin wasting countless dollars on gallons of colors of paint (that you probably won’t ever use), there are a few ways you can narrow down your color options!

Here are a few tricks from the pros for finding that just so perfect wall color for your living space:

  1. Use Sample Colors: We always suggest painting color options on multiple sections of walls to see how that color works in the room and to your taste (even better is onto 2×2 foot square sample pads, you can now bring into multiple rooms.
  2. Think of Places You Have Been (vacations, hotels, friends homes): Think about colors you have seen that you enjoyed, a vacation rental? A new restaurant you visited? A friends work or home gathering? You may have seen a combinations of hues you may not normally consider, how did they make  you feel? Recall the colors that surrounded you, and picture them in your home.
  3. Think About the Lighting of the Room: Natural daylight is ideal for viewing the paint’s true hue, but will look entirely different on cloudy day, at dawn, at dusk, or with lights on at night. Move your color cards about the room at different times of the day, in different lighting.  Incandescent lighting casts a warm, yellow tone onto walls. Fluorescent lighting creates a sharp blue tone, carpet or flooring is reflected up onto walls, many things to think of!
  4. Always Take Into Account “Mood”: Color makes us all feel a certain way. Some colors can create a sense or calmness while others will elicit energy. So you certainly would not want to paint your child’s bedroom with any shades of red if you plan on wanting them to sleep.
  5. Colors Will Change Rooms In Many Ways: Darker colors will shrink a larger room, and lighter colors will make a small room appear larger. Then colors also influence emotions, Red is a power color, it will influence spending, and increase appetites (Think Chinese restaurants, Red evokes hunger). Lighter greens can have a calming effect or balance, darker greens give a sense of stability and affluence! Blue hues can also give a sense of calm, serenity, and this all plays into the rooms overall vibe. Darker purples represent royalty, while lighter purples evoke romance or nostalgia, ultimately, what do YOU feel? Because this is all about you, color is very personal!

Selecting your paint color is important. You want it to reflect a piece of you, and those who live with you. It will create a sense of balance and harmony in the home, and let the world know who you are! Plan accordingly, you don’t want to have to repaint your walls in a year because you made a bad decision, or have to change carpet or window treatments! Or you can always contact One Stop Painting & Renovating for your interior wall color design consulting. We are very well versed at helping you select colors! And we also have access to decorators who can help you as well if you need a more in depth consult! One Stop Painting and Renovating Inc, we are your ONE STOP for Award Winning Quality & Service for Over 32 Years!