misc04There is a time to paint your entire home as the coating looks worn and wood is rotting out, but there are also instances when the house is so covered in mildew, it may appear in need of paint when a simple wash will do.

When hiring a contractor you are making a tough decision, in life there are nice people and not so nice, there are thoughtful and not so thoughtful, and there are honest and some not so honest. The same of course carries to their lines of work, and it can be very hard to tell sometimes. Many industries use high impact hard sell techniques; paint a picture of immanent failure to get you to spend your hard earned money on extra or unneeded work.

We have all been the victims of this, myself included, and I’m sure I will fall for it again at some point. The only thing you can do is ask questions and try to gauge persons honesty and intent. I cannot vouch for everyone, but there are some very good and honest painting contractors in this area, and I’m proud to call myself one of the best. On several occasions I have stopped people from spending several thousand dollars to repaint when all they needed was a three hundred dollar wash.

Copy-of-new-36On this page I just want to point out that if you stay on top of your house, many times you can have a company such as mine come in and spend a day or so to get you back in shape. We can address any loose coatings, rotted wood, or mildew on a regular basis until an entire repaint is needed. This can add many years of life to your coating. It will keep your house always looking good while keeping your money where it serves you best, with you.

A quick analogy before I end this page, you purchase a new car and it looks great. Your friends all admire it, and your very proud. Do you now look at it for 5 or 6 years with out cleaning it? Do you change the fluids every 3000 miles? Do you keep up on tires, brakes, and other items that may wear out while you have your car, keeping it safe, protected against wear and weather? Well why do so many people have their homes painted, and then leave them to the weather for long periods? They ignore a few chips in coating on high wear areas (window sills, water tables, decks, fences) they do nothing if a seam is exposed when caulking expands and contracts. This allows water into and behind paint coatings. When knots blister and peel they complain of the terrible painter they hire and mentally or verbally vow to get a better one next time. Do you see my point, it is very simple to have your painter or myself return for a day’s wages to make any repairs you need. The longer you wait, the worse the house looks and the more money it may end up costing.


Several Signs to Look For

  • Split in caulking along seams will allow water to penetrate, this will rot wood and it expands and contracts in the weather.
  • Knots blister and peel; this happens for years until coating is built thick, new homes bleed thru in first year many times, while on older houses you rarely see knots anymore. When they blister you should fix ASAP rather than let it go, never leave wood bare when avoidable.
  • Mildew, or mold; in warm weather mildew and mold spores are active, they float thru the air and cling to your home, thriving in the damp and shaded areas. They are eating at your paint all the while. Not to mention it does not look very good to your or you re guests. You can wipe it with a simple tissue and Clorox bleach to se if it is fact mildew. If so, have it cleaned and removed as soon as possible, why wait until it is to late?
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