So when I say that we are an animal friendly company, it means we are full of love and respect for animals, and especially for your pets. We understand they are part of the family, and we are very happy you've chosen us to do the work for you. We are proud of our company and of the personal service we provide. We feel we are very unique in our market and we put a very special touch into everything we do, as well as a little love!

Not only are we respectful of your home, but also your family and your pets as well! While we are at your home we are very happy to help out if they need to go in and out, if they need to be fed, if you want us to check on the water bowls. You will never find a company more pet friendly and loving in the painting industry than ours. It is another one of the many qualities that we feel set us both apart, and ahead of others.

I personally have grown up with both cats and dogs from childhood through my adult life. Currently I have to incredible Puggles. Sammy is going on 10 years, and he came into my life from a breeder after just eight weeks. I remember the first day I held him in the palm of my hands like it was just yesterday. My second puggles is Chloe, she was a year old when she entered my life as a rescue (had I known about rescue dogs prior, rest assured they both would’ve come from a rescue shelter).

We at ONE STOP are a small family owned company; large enough to tackle big projects, but small enough to do all of the little things , like making sure your cat has plenty of food and water! On the rest of this page I’m going to share with you pictures of my team, along with their pets! And please be assured that any time we are working on your home or business, if there are pets involved with the project we always take extra care and attention. I cannot tell you how many customers call after their project is completed to let us know how much the family misses us, and very often we hear stories of how the pets myself and are anxiously looking out the windows for our trucks to pull up in the morning . After 32 years I still love hearing the stories like this from my customers!

Sammy getting ready for work!
My daughter Chelsey, Sammy (right), and Chloe (left)

Sammy one year old