Top 10 Reasons to Hire One Stop Painting

One Stop Painting, located in America’s Hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts, was founded in 1986 by owner Jeff Cohen. Since then, Jeff and his staff have built a solid reputation based on honesty, ethics, trust, knowledge and providing the highest quality painting service to our local communities; while providing a safe workplace for our trusted, valued, and insured employees.

We strive to stay educated on our products and applications. Through the years we have received numerous awards including Business of the Year by the Plymouth area Chamber of Commerce, and Best Painters through many local publications year after year. One Stop Painting has been recognized by the Senate, Congress, and The House of Representatives for our community service and local charitable efforts. Our clients consist of first time homeowners, builders, general contractors, professional athletes, schools, libraries and more! We will always provide top quality workmanship no matter where you fall in this spectrum your project is of the utmost importance to us. We’ve been honored to provide service to notable locations such as the The Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port and the Massachusetts State House.


Top 10 Reasons to Hire One Stop Painting & Renovating, Inc!



With 33 years of experience we have all of the ANSWERS to any question you may have. We will take the time to explain the “hows” & “whys” of what we’re doing! You will never feel alone, or “out of the loop” throughout your home improvement process!


One Stop Painting is always on time, and we are very thorough with every project we take on! We are able to fulfil whatever service it is we promised. A detailed contract with One Stop lays out the basics of your project, and exactly what it is we will complete for you.


One Stop is fully licensed and insured with liability to protect your home, and with workers compensation to protect our employees. Some of which have been with us for 20+ years! We also do not subcontract our labor.


One Stop Painting has been in business for 33 years now, and we don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. You can rely on us to see through your entire project until its completion!

5.Free Estimates:

One Stop will always provide you with a free estimate, on both Residential and Commercial projects! No matter how many home improvement projects you have for us to look at, every estimate is guaranteed to be free!


One Stop Painting & Renovating always keeps a clean work space! Any and all personal items such as furniture, are covered with plastic to ensure that they are kept clean. Also, a daily clean-up allows you to live comfortably in your home while we are working!


We are painting professionals! Painting is what One Stop does all day, everyday, and we do it quite well. We strive to give our all to every one of our customers. In fact, we have won awards from the Chamber of Commerce, the BBB, the Massachusetts State Senate, Congress, and The House of Representatives based upon our high quality & service as well as our local charitable efforts.


One Stop Painting has a reputation for having the nicest people work for us! We’re proud to say that all of our employees are the nicest around! They’re honest, hard working people that you will love having paint your home. Everyone is local and many of our employees have been with us for 20+ years!


One Stop is prepared for all home improvement situations! We have both master painters and carpenters on staff for home repairs, gutter repairs, rotted wood, smoke & water damage, etc. They’re here for WHATEVER is needed to simplify the project, and assure the highest quality in a timely manner!


One Stop Painting knows that there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find the old paint can that was used to paint your powder room eight years ago! So, One Stop makes it easy! Once you provide us with your color selections and finishes we keep those selections on file. We can also place a sticker with your paint selections on your fuse box so you don’t forget!

Thank you for considering One Stop Painting for both your large and small upcoming projects. Our focus on Trust, Reliability, and Honesty has made us South Shore’s Premier Award Winning company for both Quality & Service, the past 33 years...AND THAT’S A LONG TIME!!!


Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Paint Your Home




There are many reasons to hire a painting company over DIY!  Here are the top 4 you should consider when thinking about painting your home!

1. Preparation

First, preparation is key to a successful, long lasting paint application. Filling holes and gaps, sanding, caulking and puttying trim, etc. Professional painting companies automatically do this when preparing to paint.

2. Cleanliness

A good, quality painting contractor never leaves a mess. Whether it be taping off walls, covering the floor,  or covering furniture. Paint is only for the walls being painted. Once all painting has been finished all paintbrushes, tape, drop cloths, ladders, etc. become nonexistent. The customers home goes back to the same state it was in prior to painting (just with a fabulous looking coat of paint).

3. Execution

Then, for a job to go smoothly execution is key. Professional painters leave no paint drips, use the correct equipment, and they paint effortlessly. They leave the home looking amazing! DIY projects can interfere with life, while professional painters are just doing their job.

4. Time

Lastly, there is time spent. Instead of taking time away from your family and friends to paint, there are professionals more than willing to do it for you! Soak up those hours you would waste painting watching a movie with your family, or going out to dinner. So, whatever the case may be, you have better things to be doing! Leave the painting to the professionals like One Stop Painting and Renovating!

Why Should I Clean My Gutters?


Cleaning your gutters is a quick but important job. Unfortunately, many people ignore them until there is a legitimate problem, or they see large sprouts growing out of said gutters!  It’s not something that needs to be done daily, weekly or even monthly. At least once per year will do, typically twice a year is best to be sure that they are free and clear of debris. If they’re not cleaned at all/not cleaned properly it could end up costing you thousands of dollars!

Flooded/Damp Basements:

Gutters carry rainwater from your roof down the side of your home and away from the foundation. This reduces the chances of wet basements, mold/mildew, and even flooding. It can also cause problems with the foundation if left untreated.

Interior Water Damage:

When gutters become filled, and water cannot transfer from the roof away from the house it will back up and can often come back into inside your home. This can create mold, water stains, etc.

Winter Ice Dams:

With our harsh and often freezing New England climate, it’s even more important your gutters are cleaned biannually! Coming into the winter, if your gutters do not allow the water to flow away from the house, it can create an ice damn. This is when freezing water goes back up and under the roof shingles, coming inside the house and thawing out inside the soffits. In no time at all you will have heavy water damage. In really bad storms the water can actually run like a river right through the attic into the house. It can damage not only your ceilings and walls, but it can also damage contents such as cabinetry. Anything susceptible to water damage is at risk, and it’s at risk because the gutters were not cleaned at all/not cleaned properly.

Fun Fact: Icicles may be fun to look at, but they can cost you a lot of money if they are on your home. Gutters are here to prevent icicles from forming on the edge of your roofline. Not only can it damage your roof shingles, it will make any entry area dangerous because of the falling ice, and as the ice melts it will freeze on your walkways or around entry doors making the areas slippery and easy to fall on.

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Gutters?

There are many variables, but rule of thumb in New England is twice a year. Many homeowners don’t even do it once a year! Your homes location will play a part, along with your landscape. Sometimes, houses that are higher up and on a hill with no trees don’t need to be cleaned all. Keep in mind wind will blow leaves around during heavy storms, so it doesn’t mean they never have to be cleaned, just far less frequently. If you have a handful of trees close to your home, you’re probably going to need your gutters cleaned AT LEAST once a year. Homes with tall trees growing right next to them could require gutter cleaning three, possibly four times a year. This is not the norm of course, but do keep in mind your landscape when determining how often you need your gutters cleaned. Many times we come to clean gutters and we have to remove plant growth. When you see plants growing from your gutter, it’s a very bad sign. Plants can greatly reduce the flow of water through your gutters, and they should be cleaned immediately.

Can I Clean My Own Gutters?

You can certainly clean your own gutters! All you need is a good, safe ladder, some rubber gloves, and a bucket to place the debris in (never throw the debris on the ground if it can be avoided, it will just create more work for you when you come off the ladder).  Work slowly and methodically, it’s not a race, the most important thing is to be safe!

Does ONE STOP PAINTING Clean Gutters?

Not only do we clean gutters, we can make repairs, we can replace damaged portions, or we can install a complete set of new gutters! If we identify any area of concern we will make the proper recommendations. Some areas carry larger amounts of water off the roof and would require a wider gutter and downspout. Another popular type of gutter is one with a cover/leaf guard system to reduce the need for cleaning, although the need to clean your gutters is still not completely eliminated. Usually we can remove the cover to access the gutter, but sometimes the gutter systems are one piece or permanently connected. In these instances our job becomes far more difficult, and we have to rely upon a power washer with a special attachment to reach inside, but we do indeed have this ability. When cleaning your gutters we also check for damaged/rotted wood that needs to be replaced, or peeling paint coatings that we can repair for you. If you live on the South Shore and you need you gutters cleaned let One Stop Painting and Renovating be your first choice!