Are your cabinets dated, perhaps your taste has changed, maybe their older and just don't look fresh any longer? Whatever the reason may be that you are not happy with your current kitchen cabinetry, help is just a phone call away at "One Stop Painting!" We have been in the painting industry since 1986, that is 32 years, and when the company was first started the majority of our work with staining and varnishing new homes. Not long after that we began refinishing cabinetry, so I can safely say we have been painting and staining cabinetry for well over 25 years as a company. Staining has sadly become a lost art to the newer generation of painters, we consider ourselves craftsmen and experts in our industry in all phases including painting and staining.


Re-paint your painted cabinetry, veneer, or stained cabinetry?

Your factory finish paint, or the veneer can be brought back to life with our quality coating systems. Everything starts with the preparation, from the initial sanding and de-glossing of your current cabinetry, to taking them apart in numbering each door to assure it goes back to the proper location. We carefully prepare each surface we are about to paint, depending upon the surface we use specific primers. Some of them will be bonding primer to increase adhesion, others may be a blocker to prevent staining or discoloration, each job may require a different product or application. We customize each job to assure the best finish product for you, our customer! Once we have prepared and primed the surfaces we shall then apply two coats of a premium quality product. This is done with a combination of rushing, rolling, and often spraying. Spraying can be done off site in our custom shop location, or if it's a small job we can even spray them in place or at your home. We can install new hardware if you would like at this time.


Reviving stained Cabinetry?

If your cabinets are currently stained, and you like the look, but maybe there scratched, or worn out in areas and looking less than fresh, no problem! We are also experts in the art of standing and refinishing older worn out stained wood to bring it back to life. Depending on the job we can simply re-blended the stain as needed and apply two coats of a beautiful clear finish to add luster in light back to the cabinetry. In extreme situations we are capable of stripping everything down to bare wood (of course this is more expensive) the degree of labor to strip Woodberry upon the profile of your actual doors and draws but we can discuss all of your options with you prior to beginning our restoration. And we are very capable of performing this as well. We can darken your cabinetry to help blend damage or imperfections, saving the expense of completely stripping the cabinetry to bare wood.

You can see there are many different options to replenish your cabinetry, to bring them back to life, and to make them yours! Many times a brand-new house if purchased, the prior owner loved the cabinetry but the new owner does not have the same taste. Rather than spend a small fortune on you cabinetry, we have the experts at one stop painting come take a look with you! Once we understand what your expectations and desires are, it will be our pleasure to meet or exceed them! For 32 years our team of craftsmen has taken great pride in all of our projects both large and small . Some of the work we especially like is cabinetry, as our true quality shows!